7 Ways to Become a Better Conversationalist


Being a good conversationalist is not the same as being a good speaker or orator. Conversing with someone is a private exercise and it involves more interpersonal communication. Here are few tips for becoming a better conversationalist.

1. Maintain eye contact with the person you are talking to

Maintaining eye contact is an important part of being a good conversationalist. When you lock eyes with the person you are talking to, you will hold their interest in the conversation. You will also make them feel important by showing that you are giving them your full attention. Maintaining eye contact while conversing will also enable to read a person’s expression and judge his or her reaction.

2. Give yourself multi-disciplinary exposure

Being updated with latest news, internet trends, social media and other topics of interest will help you a lot in making good conversation. You can use such trivia to fill in awkward gaps in conversation or to show someone the variety of knowledge you have. Trivia is something that can hook anybody and make your conversation appealing to many people.

3. Encourage the other person to speak

Conversation is not a speech where you should be the only person talking. It involves two sided communication. If you are talking to a person who is shy or reserved, encourage him or her to speak out. This is vital if you want to gauge their personality and find out what they are thinking.

4. Be a good listener

Listening is a prerequisite quality to become a good conversationalist. Just like you would expect someone to listen to you when you are talking about something interesting, they are likely to expect the same out of you too. Being a keen listener means that you will have to shield yourself from any kind of distraction and pay full attention to the conversation at hand. Don’t think of anything else and focus on how you can turn the conversation in the way that you want.

5. Use more affirmations

Two people can converse successfully when they find their conversation an enjoyment rather than a chore. To show someone that you are enjoying a conversation, use affirmative phrases when they are talking. This includes ‘Really’, ‘Is that so’, ‘That’s interesting’, ‘Sure’ and other similar words and phrases. You can also use vocal affirmations like ‘Hmm’ or ‘Uhmm’ to convey your interest in what the other person has to say. This will elicit a response from them and help you in being a better conversationalist.

6. Give good feedback and compliments

A good conversationalist never leaves a conversation halfway or abrupt. After you have finished talking to someone, give them compliments on what a wonderful time you had chatting with them. If you both have discussed a particular subject, give specific feedback on the same.

7. Use positive body language

Using positive body language will make your listener feel comfortable. Your body language can give out negative or positive vibes depending on how you use it. You don’t need to fling your arms in the air or be dramatic while conversing, but slight movement of hands or arms will make your listener feel invited into an animated and interesting conversation.

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