Declutter Your Life!

By: Gregory Rymer

Declutter Your Life!

The New Year brings hopes and dreams of a prosperous future. Sadly, a date will not reset our life. Many of us place extra stress and emotional burdens upon ourselves.

I have come to believe and have a working testimony that any resolution must not add any undue stress to our busy lifestyle. We need to declutter our schedules and our physical surroundings. We must stop thinking that we need to accept every task that is placed before us. “No” is an acceptable answer. What benefits are achieved if you are emotionally, physically and spiritually exhausted or spent?

One hears therapists, counselors and doctors talking about using coping skills to help balance your life. Consider decluttering, and most importantly decluttering your daily life of added tasks, you are allowed to say no and to let others pick up the added requests of service. Remember there is only one you and your well-being is most important.

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